Why do people fear death?

Death is an ultimate reality of any living species. Particulary, talking about the so-called superior human species of this nature, they fear death more than any other creatures. There may not be the final and actual logic behind the reason of fear of death as it depends on the personal pereception and interpretation.

One reason may be the knowledge or awareness about the realistic situation of surely being dead, may be today, tomorrow, overmorrow, or any random days. Sometimes, knowledge is hazardous and ignorance is cozy. Knowing the fact that we die may cause severe mental tension in human’s mind and that fear gradually takes the form of phobia, here, we can call Thanatophobia, the fear of death.

Another reason may be thought of losing our own near and dear ones as we are explicitly or implicitly attached with them emotionally, culturally, socially, biologically, and so on. It does not mean a lonely person does not fear death, here I just want to say a responsible and attached person fear death more than that of a lonely one.

If we talk about the death as per the rule of time and nature and if we look it through
the lens of pain and suffering, people fear death not knowing about loss of their
existence but thinking about the pain and sufering they will face during old ages. The
crippling limbs, the wrinkled skin, the pain of the wounds, the inability to speak properly, and varieties of these deformations lead us to fear the most painful reality of life.

Humans desire a lot and they always want to posses, not lose. As death is not about
possession, but only about loss, humans fear it as they have to face the undesirable milieu which they even do not want to imagie. Fear of death is fear of losing possession.

Death is somewhat comtortable if we look it through the lens of the transformation, not as the loss of possession.

-Saugat Gelal

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