Happiness and sadness are two primary aspects that have great effects in the lives of humans. Unfortunately, another aspect that always remain unexpressed has greater impact than that of these two aspects. What is that hidden aspect? It is nothing but Expectation. The desire of having this and that is fine unless there is an evolution of having expectation. If desires turn into expectations, remember the person is flowing towards an uncontrollable flood of misery. We are born alone and we die alone, may be on that same day and at that same time, many other people might have born and will die. But, does that make any difference? It is just a natural phenomenon.

People themselves plunge themselves into the flood of misery by expecting a lot from other people like family, friends, relatives, and so forth. Why are my friends ignoring me? Why are my facebook friends not replying my texts? Why are they not liking or sharing my posts? Why are my relatives not coming to see me? Why are my near and dear ones not asking me how are you? Why? Why? Why? Have you ever thought that have you done all these from your side? These are the questions that always bother a lot of people in general. But, do you really think it matters a lot for your survival? Does it stop your breath? Does it have any effect on your daily acts? No. So, why to think about it a lot and get yourself in such a misery and depression? You have all the capacity to be happy with yourself. The members that you encounter in your life is just the temporary entities, who are just the strangers who are closer to some extent with you.

The only thing that one should try to engulf is self. People often let others to invade the emotional world of self. Why? Why there should be an effect on your smile due to the acts of others? Why cannot you be happy and content with the self? A person becomes lonely not because he or she has no one around, but when he or she is away from the self or forgets embracing the self. It is better to involve ourselves in the acts that fascinate us and make us feel better. Just spread your arms and embrace the self, seek the happiness within-not outside, and get along with your best friend-YOU.


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