Immersed in cell phones, ear-phones on ear, engrossed in reading a recent tweet or up-date, hypnotized by the spell of smart-phones, unconscious from their next door neighbor, extrinsically pleasant but intrinsically exhausted, frustrated, worn out, and fatigued, I find zombies everywhere, Technological Zombies. If I go about ten years back, I feel like that we were quite happy when the phone was only an instrument, a call making or text receiving instrument. But in modern age, it seems that our young generation is hardly unaware about “phone” existing in their smart-phones. We are not just mortified by smart phones; rather there are tabs, palmtops, and many other electronic devices.
To greet birthdays, marriages, momentous events physical visit was considered pivotal. Each rendezvous used to result in strengthening family bonds, fastened relationships, and shortened spiritual distance. There was no sensation of alienation and loneliness. We were sure of having people side by side in the time of distress and demoralization. Then “smartphone” was thrown in our lives same as a stone is thrown in rivers to disrupt the peace of river. Preferences were changed, life was transformed, and new patterns of living were evolved. Initially the feeling of having an instrument that could connect you to your dear-ones living hundred and thousand miles away was very delightful. Voice of those could be heard daily, with whom meeting was only possible in a year. At start we used to control our phone, later it started controlling our lives. Instead of making a visit it is great comfort to say “happy birthday” or “Congratulations” through a phone-call.
Then we stepped forward ahead. We got more thrifty and parsimonious. Rather making a “call” we placed reliance on sending a “wish-full” text. Days passed by, we got more advanced and sophisticated but perplexed and exhausted. Now we do not make a call or send a text rather we update a status on facebook, tweet on tweeter account or keep the others informed through whats app. The one who receives a baby or gets married, gets a job or accomplish a degree posts a status and those who want to wish him either openheartedly or closefisted comments below the status. No facial interaction, no warm-exchange of feeling, just a hollow or dry “congratulation” we give or receive. I feel like that it is not the celebration rather an insult of the bounty that we receive.
Technology was introduced to make our life easier and comfortable so that we could have more time to celebrate, interact, and to exhale a sigh of grieve. It was made the part of our lives to give us “something”, may be some relief. But it seems that it has taken away more as compared to what it has given to us. I am not against the use of technology or communicating devices rather I just want the people to make their cell phones wait not the dear-ones. We keep an eye on cell phone while walking, eating, drinking, driving, and so on. Those who are expert can even write a text without looking at the screen. We are mesmerized by their spell. This unbridled spell seems on approaching more rather than diminishing. I do not want anyone to flush out his smart phone as I myself cannot do that. But do decide its time in your life, not let it to be control you as it is only an instrument not your boss. A call that is coming while you are having a family lunch can wait, or come again unless it is an emergency of life and death. It is not the last call or not the end of the world. If its interference in our life is not curtailed, then a time would come when we would completely be a zombie, bitten, stricken, and suffered by technology.
Furthermore scientists have suggested that there is strong connection between the excessive use of cell phone and various hazardous diseases. People who use social medial excessively are more prone to depression, anxiety, and hypertension. This is not the end of the story rather a beginning. Unbridled use of smart phones while driving has exceeded the number of road accidents. Rapid invention and transformation in communication industry has widened the generation gap. Menace of morally weaken society from increasing cross-gender relationships by the uncontrolled use of phone and social media are yet to unearth. None the thing is bad itself rather it is we who make it good or bad. Technology is not horrifying itself but the way we are using it is quite dreadful. Unrestrained use of mechanical tool is same as we are riding an unbridled horse, where it would lead us, is yet unknown.

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